8 Guide To Keep In Mind When Renting A Boat

Are you going to hire a boat for the first time? Have no experience of rent? If so, we recommend you follow our expert advice. This will help you avoid common mistakes so you can rent a boat without a problem. Continue reading

Boat rental company

To choose the right rent, all you need to do is look for boat rentals, as well as the area or lake that you want. For this, you can contact the local tourist office or the local Chamber of Commerce. Barracuda Ibiza offers a great boat rental service in Ibiza

Size and type of boat

In fact, the size of the vessel will depend on the waterways. Local rentals and you will have a ship with the right type and size. As for its kind, should you choose the ship deck or bowrider if need ships for tourism? To relax, you can choose a pontoon. On the other hand, for fishing, we recommend that you hire a fishing boat.

Tip to “roll up”

Usually, the tenant will allow you to try a boat towable. Anyway, the vehicle cannot or will not come. If not too withdrawn, you may find that it will be moored to the shore.


Rent an assortment. Therefore, you should read your agreement carefully before you sign it. According to the agreement, you will have a limited area to travel. Based on the provisions of the agreement, you may not be allowed to steer the ship at night.


The deal should also discuss the scope of liability rental company. In General, you are responsible for everything that happens with the ship. This will include the damage to the boat’s engine or other parts.

Verification of the vessel

Before receiving the keys to the boat, be sure to take a closer look at boats for bumps, scratches, stains, loose fittings, damages or cracks in the windshield. Actually, all you have to do is to record all your invention in the deal. After you specify all of them, you have to sign the agreement.

Qualified drivers

For the operators of the ship, each country has its own age requirements. In fact, there are some steps that require you to follow the course of security before using the boat. If you don’t know your status, be sure to contact the rental company to find out the rules and regulations in your state.

Security team

Safety should be the number one priority when renting a boat. However, your life is the most important thing to you. Therefore, make sure you know where all the safety equipment on board stored. You need the vests and fire extinguishers, for example. You can also bring your own life vest into the boat.

Therefore, these are some simple but important tip that you can consider when renting a boat for the first time. I hope these tips help you have a very nice hike experience.

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