Mexico’s gulf via charter

We left behind the protocol and the media to continue sailing through the Mediterranean waters seeking the exit to the ocean. Reto Pelayo-At the helmTechnical stop to refuel fuel in Gibraltar and we start the Cannonball to cross the strait. The limit of the known world, beyond the columns of Heracles, there was only uncertainty. Like that of all the crew that sailed with bow wind and disordered sea in this singular space. The bankruptcy between two worlds, the north and the south. The treacherous obstacle that had to cross the ancestor of the present man to populate the north. The strait is an exciting place. A unique geographical accident where two tectonic plates converge with depths of up to 900 meters and an orography that accelerates the winds of west and east, complicating much the conditions to navigate in this zone.

The surface currents stopped Cannonball with an incoming tide of two knots. We passed through areas of disordered sea and eddies that obstructed our march. The amount of immense commercial ships that circulate through this brief passage is enormous and we have had to be attentive to the radar, to the alarms of collision and vigilantes so as not to have problems amid this immense traffic.

Our crew: Carmen, Patricia, Yolanda, Marian and Susana are at their peak. It seems that they have been sailing all their lives and are in charge of diligently carrying out each of the tasks necessary to reach our destination.

The dolphins have been with us for a long time. See dolphins, always happy.

After a few hours of navigation we turn south heading for a route to Tenerife.